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WAS THAT ENOUGH? PROBABLY NOT. I'm a creative who finds genuine inspiration when collaborating with individuals on brand projects deeply rooted in authentic purpose, particularly when that purpose aligns with a profound connection to the Earth, our bodies, spirits, and minds. My aim, when working with clients, is to take a holistic approach to design, establishing a connection between the client, the brand's core authenticity, and the surrounding community.


I. BlueMoon

II. North Country Women

I'LL DO MY BEST TO TELL YOU WHO I AM, BUT BE WARNED I AM STILL ON THAT JOURNEY. I am a woman who feels the most connected when I'm riding a horse named Skip, when I am reading a love letter that sends static across my chest, when I'm listening to harmonies, when the sun is shining directly on my face...

"Listen photo": IME Vintage

"Inspo" photo: De John Baxter, 1960.

"Thoughts":The Antelucan Hourglas, Robert Mapplethorpe, Flowers, 1988.

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